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lunes, 2 de enero de 2017

Feliz Año 2017, Happy New Year 2017

Este 2017, te deseo paz, determinación, fuerza, unión familiar, trabajo. salud, armonía, felicidad, diversión, inspiración, alegría, y si algo negativo llegara te deseo sabiduria. Feliz 2017 a todos ustedes familia de sangre y del corazón.

This 2017, I wish you peace, determination, strength, family union, work, health, harmony, happiness, fun, inspiration, joy, and if something negative arrives I wish you wisdom. Happy 2017 to all of you family of blood and heart.


2 comentarios:

Stitching Noni dijo...

Happy New Year!
All the best for 2017 :o)
and sorry... I still haven't got myself organised and sent the exchange package.... Now that 2016 is over I will settle down and get "finishing"
Take care
Hugs xx

Olimpia dijo...

Hi Noni,

Happy New Year for you too!

I have the same problem, don´t worry I try send to you next week.