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sábado, 12 de agosto de 2017

¿Dónde están todas?, Where are you?

Buen día queridas amigas:

Es una linda mañana…tranquila, la casa para mi solita, mi marido salió y es que, ¿no les pasa que hay momentos en que la soledad y la quietud son las mejores compañeras?, Gala duerme, pongo música ligera y me preparo un café, entro a la Internet buscando llenarme de todo lo que las amigas del ciberespacio publican, tristemente veo que los post en los blogs han disminuido considerablemente, yo misma he bajado mi actividad.

¿Hacia dónde hemos migrado?, ¿acaso la mayoría cambio a las redes sociales?, lo digo en serio…las redes sociales no son lo mejor para lo que hacemos, yo necesito ver sus paso a paso, leer sus comentarios y anécdotas entre foto y foto, en fin, todo esto es solo para decirles que las extraño a montones.

Besos y feliz domingo queridas amigas del ciberespacio. 

Good morning dear friends

It's a nice morning...quiet, the house for me alone, my husband left home, does not happen to you that there are times when loneliness and stillness are the best companions?, Gala sleeps, I listen to light music and I prepare a coffee, I go to the Internet looking for to fill me of everything that the friends of the cyberspace publish, sadly I see that the post in the blogs have diminished considerably, I myself have lowered my activity.

Where do we migrate ?, do most of them change to social networks ?, I mean media are not the best thing for what we do, I need to see their step by step, read their comments and anecdotes between photo and photo, in short, all this is just to tell you that I miss ypu a lot.

Kisses and happy Sunday dear friends of cyberspace.


2 comentarios:

Stitching Noni dijo...

Hello!! How are you? I'm here... a lot less than I used to be though! Time is not my friend anymore! I must admit though that any free time I have lately I am stitching and watching Flosstube! Flosstube I can do while stitching.. blogging I cant ;o( I have noticed that blogs are getting quieter all round - replaced by Facebook and videos I suspect!
I hope that you had a wonderful quiet and relaxing Sunday
Hugs xx
PS: did that package every arrive???

Olimpia dijo...


It´s a relief hear someone here. You are rigth, all spaces are hoard by social media.

The package doesn´t arrive yet, don´t worry I can wait for it.

For my side, I don´t send you my package, sorry...soon to soon promise you.